Over-the-Counter Fertility Vitamins

Although most doctors agree that a healthy, balanced diet is the best way to get the vitamins and minerals you need, there are some over-the-counter fertility vitamins and nutritional supplements that have been shown to increase fertility. The addition of these natural fertility vitamins may help a couple conceive when the source of their infertility is due to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals.
Vitamins and Minerals that Increase Fertility

Common vitamins and minerals that seem to increase fertility include:
Vitamin C

A lack of vitamin C causes sperm to clump together. Men who take vitamin C daily may see an improvement in sperm count and motility. Vitamin C may also improve the chances of conceiving for women who are on the fertility medication Clomiphene.
Vitamin E

Increasing vitamin E intake has been found to increase the probability of success with IVF procedures.
Vitamins B6 and B12

B6 has been shown to increase fertility in women. B12 helps to improve sperm count in men.

Zinc maintains testosterone production in men and leads to improved sperm count and motility. It also helps women use estrogen and progesterone more efficiently.
Folic Acid

It has long been known that folic acid helps prevent birth defects when women take it before becoming pregnant, but it also improves fertility.

An antioxidant that helps reduce the risk of birth defects, selenium also increases sperm count in men.

Infertility in women has been linked to a deficiency in iron.
Prenatal Vitamins

It is advised that women take a prenatal vitamin when they begin to try to become pregnant.
Consult a Fertility Specialist

Caution should be taken when adding over-the-counter infertility drugs to your infertility treatment. Excessively high levels of natural fertility drugs may decrease fertility and cause other health problems. It is important to consult your health care provider or a fertility specialist for advice on which, if any, of these nutritional supplements may aid in your quest to conceive.

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