Low Sperm Count- Cause for Male Infertility

Major cause for male infertility is low sperm count, low sperm motility and a large number of malformed or abnormal sperms. Various environmental and biological factors affect the sperm count.

Low sperm count is a setback that affects many men. Approximately half of the infertility problems encountered by couples are caused by male infertility. The most common form of male infertility is a low sperm count.

Low sperm count, the leading cause of male infertility, can be temporary or permanent. Temporary decline in sperm production is related to various causes like heavy duty cycling, exposure to extreme heat, ill fitting briefs, insomnia, performance pressure and emotional stress. All of these are causes of low sperm count in men. However, patients who experience from this temporary low count can try out some helpful lifestyle changes to boost their sperm count. About six percent of males between the ages of fifteen and fifty struggle with infertility. Male infertility can be caused by a variety of problems.

Lifestyle Changes to Improve Low Sperm Count:
1.    Get regular exercise-While you should avoid vigorous training programs, regular and moderate exercise helps you maintain a healthy body weight, helps control stress, and gives you a healthier overall body.
2.    Perform relaxation exercises- Since infertility and life in general can be stressful, learn to relax. Stress is sometimes responsible for certain infertility problems such as hormonal problems.
3.    Keep up a healthy weight diet: Not too under or overweight since weight influences estrogen and testosterone levels.
4.    Reduce stress levels by relaxation practice. Keep your mind and body healthy by regular practice of yoga and meditation.
5.    Massage body with herbal oil, which improves blood circulation.
6.    Try supplements. Certain natural supplements promise to increase sperm production.
7.    While changing your diet to include certain foods, men should also eliminate fatty foods and avoid alcohol. Vitamin supplements may also help, Take vitamins B-12, C, E and zinc, in particular. Cease smoking and increase exercise and avoid saunas and hot tubs, which increase the testicles’ temperature and impede sperm production.
8.    Consume good nourishing diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits and dry fruits and also try to avoid spicy and bitter foods. Keep your body well hydrated by consumption 12-15 glasses of water daily.
9.    Frequent ejaculation of semen can cause low sperm count. Hence avoid very frequent relation and masturbation and giving a break of 3-4 days between 2 consecutive ejaculations help to increase sperm count.

Other facts that effect sperm count:
1.    Alcohol in large amounts can increase the number of abnormally shaped sperm, cause impotence, and alter male hormone levels.
2.    Chemical exposure can decrease sperm counts and increase abnormal sperm.
3.    Cigarette smoking can affect fertility by causing a low sperm count, and also by increasing the number of abnormal sperm.
4.    Recommended medications for depression and diabetes can cause impotence and affect sperm counts.
5.    Being overweight can lower sperm counts.

The sperm count in the semen of a man decreases with age, but also is affected by smoking and excessive alcohol intake. If you stop smoking and avoid alcohol, your sperm count will likely boost in a matter of weeks or months. Eat foods to eat to increase sperm virility, quality and production: scallions, lamb, shrimp, black beans, kidney beans, yams, clams and oysters.

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