Home Remedies for Male Infertility

Infertility is caused as a result of many things and is a problem in both men and women. Smoking cigarettes, bad diet, drinking alcohol, tension, depression, anxiousness, certain medications and problems with female organs all play a vital role in causing infertility. Cysts on ovaries and rubor of the fallopian tubes also cause infertility in women. Drugs to cure it can be expensive and most treatment for infertility is not covered by insurance. There are simple and cheap things one can do to cure infertility at home. Below are some home remedies to treat male infertility.

1. Take enough Vitamin C to increase cervical mucus. This is very important especially when your partner wants to get pregnant. Nitric oxide is another good resource to aid increase cervical mucus as well as aid blood flow to the reproductive organs.

2. Make use of grape seed extract with Vitamin C to aid make the Vitamin C more effective. Grape seed extract is an antioxidant which can help protect sperm. It is a good home remedy to treat male infertility.

3. Make use of evening primrose oil to help increase cervical mucus and increase the quality of the mucus as well. When trying to conceive, ovulation generally occurs when the cervical mucus looks like egg whites. This evening primrose oil is an herb and also used as an essential fatty acid and anti-inflammatory drug.

4. Take a lot of calcium rich foods such as milk, cheese and yogurt. Two to three servings a day of calcium-rich foods will aid to cure infertility.

5. Ensure you eat diets rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables which contain folic acid are important in treating infertility.

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