Herbal Treatment for Low Sperm Count and Male Infertility

Low sperm count or oligospermia is one of the biggest causes for male infertility however in most of the situations it can be treated effectively through herbs and herbal supplements. If a male has less than 20 million spermatozoa in 1 ml of semen, it is considered as low sperm count, this suggests that such a male will not be able to fertilize a woman’s egg to make her pregnant. Though only one sperm is required to fertilize female egg but probability of sperm reaching egg reduces if total number of sperms present in semen is lesser than healthy number. There are many reasons which can cause low sperm count in males, recently, life style related issues and psychological factors have been the major causes of this problem as compared to physical disorders.

Too much stress can alter hormonal balance in a male’s body sometimes this hormonal imbalance can affect the number of sperms in semen to promote infertility. Sexual problems like PE, ED and relationship issues can also promote the problem of low sperm count. Wearing tight fitting clothes, long sitting hours, exposure of testicles to heat like in sauna bath or hot water tub bath, too much bicycling and improper diet all can contribute to initiate this problem.

Exposure to environmental pollutants such as heavy metals like lead, cadmium or arsenic also causes the problem of infertility. Smoking, too much alcohol intake and obesity are other popular reasons which can cause reduction in sperm count in a male’s semen. Genetic factors like infertility induced in a male by environmental pollutants can get transferred to his children or problems like cystic fibrosis and klinefelter syndrome can also be inherited through genetics which can cause low sperm count. Some treatment which uses radiations can also cause infertility and people consuming too much junk food or improper diet which can cause deficiency of some important nutrients and vitamins like vitamin C, selenium, folate and zinc also cause this problem.

If a male is unable to impregnate his female partner after regular sexual activity in one year is the biggest symptom of low sperm count, however there can be many other reasons for lack of conception including problems with female too but this symptom certainly indicates presence of a problem. Some people may also encounter hormonal imbalance like lack of desire for sexual activity and behavioral changes. Lack of facial hair growth also indicates hormonal changes and may be presence of insufficient number of sperms in the semen of a male.

Safed musli has been an effective herbal treatment for alleviating the problem of low sperm count and it is herbal hence does not have any side effects. This herb contains carbohydrates, proteins, saponins and fibroids which maintains and brings back hormonal balance, promotes blood flow to all parts of the body including male genitals, improves immunity system immensely, promotes and enhances endurance, cures fatigue, improves stamina, provides amino-acid supplementation and promotes vigor. Due to its vast properties which are extremely beneficial for male’s sexual health it is used as herbal treatment not only for low sperm count but also for variety of sexual problems. Safed musli addresses all the causes which can reduce the number of sperms in a male’s semen to treat infertility.

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