Herbal Remedies for Female Infertility

Many women have problems bearing children. Before resorting to expensive surgical and medical procedures, some women may benefit from trying several home remedies intended to alleviate infertility. These remedies have been found to be less expensive, more successful and free of harmful side effects.
A good first step when considering home remedies for female infertility is to improve the general diet and start an exercise program. Eat lots of green vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, milk, honey, curd, cheese, sprouts and beans. Avoid coffee, tea, spicy or fatty foods, white flour, fried foods and soft drinks. Also avoid smoking, alcohol consumption, and drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin.

The come in various forms such as the injections and capsules or pills. However, it is always better to consult to qualified health care provider in order to set the dosage and the time of hormones to take it. Regular exercise helps relieve female infertility, as long as the exercise is not excessive. One of the best such exercises is yoga, which emphasizes flexibility and stress relief.
In addition to diet and exercise, several herbal supplements are recommended to relieve female infertility.

1. Jamun Leaves: Mix with honey to sweeten and eat.
2. Banyan Tree Root: Dry in the sun and then grind into a fine powder. Mix with milk and consume on the first night following completion of the monthly menstrual cycle. Don’t eat anything after drinking this mixture.
3. Winter Cherry: Like banyan root, dry this herb and grind it into a powder to store. At the end of the menstrual cycle, mix 6 grams of winter cherry powder with milk, and drink for one week. Repeat after each cycle.
4. Eggplant: Cook the vegetable and eat it with buttermilk.
5. Vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc: These are considered effective in increasing a woman’s fertility. Take 1000 mg of vitamin C, 80 mg of vitamin E and 30 mg of zinc daily.
6. The nature give has gifted us with many herbs that take properties that enhance the female sex hormones and help her to achieve fertility. Herbs such as ashwagandha, brahmi, shatavari, guduchi, ashoka, coconut etc are said to be beneficial in bringing back to the fertility.

Finally, cultivate a positive outlook on life. Stress, tension, anxiety and fear all have unhealthy effects on the body, including reducing a woman’s chance of conceiving. So be sure to include pleasurable activities in your life with your partner. Above all, don’t worry; instead be happy.
Some health care provider, specially holistic health care providers, believe that it is the stressful condition of the women that may make her body to produce less female sex hormones and that is why to retain female fertility, one has to keep the brain cool and calm. Holistic exercises such as Yoga, meditation are reported to be very beneficial in restoring the hormones and enzymes including female sex hormones.

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